Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yay snow!

*Disclaimer: this is a post I've just moved from my old blog, it's from December of 2010*

Hello, beautiful people. I don't know about where you are, but here in Indiana it is a lovely, snowy day...I think it's something like 2 inches of the white fluff! Since I'm basically confined inside today (I prefer my snow from a distance), 'tis time to blog. About what? My favorite thing in the whole world: eye makeup!

Last night I went to a Christmas concert and decided to glam-up the eyes for some reason. Basically I just amped up what I was already wearing (soft peach and plum, see previous blog). I slicked on some black liquid liner and layered on the plum for a slightly dramatic look. Uh, pardon the terrible picture quality...however, Christmas movie in the background!
Time for a close up!

Today I was inspired by the snow and the season, I went for a navy blue eyeliner topped with matching eyeshadow. Three shadows total, super quick and easy-the magic words. 

Ooh, I spy freckles still!
This is probably one of my favorite combos of all dang time, my eyes are sort of reddish-brown in color with flecks of gold and green and the navy blue makes them absolutely it!

Anywho, coffee and food are calling my name so I shall adjourn. Have a lovely day, be safe and warm, enjoy yourselves. 

Love and happy wishes,